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"How to Maximize Your EBook Profits", kicks the door off of the secret world of online earning! You'll follow a step by step proven formula that is surprisingly easy to do.

I'll show you how to determine which covers, titles and descriptions sell best and how to spend less than $150 to have an eBook content, cover, description and editing done for you.

And finally, I will show you 20 places to upload your eBook to ensure that you achieve the success your hard work so richly deserves. And yes, I will show you ways to create a page like
this one and take advantage of pay per click advertising. Don't hesitate, Elevate!

Promote this webpage and receive 60% of the Profits
Here's why you should do it

Hi, I'm Clare Radical and I have been working on a way to make money online for a long

time. Finally, I have found a way that has become highly profitable. A way to create

passive income. A way to earn money on autopilot!


Here's what I did, and you can do it too by copying my entire money making system:


I've written a eBook called, "The Formula - How to Make Your First $100 Online Fast".

Instead of selling it like I normally would, I decided to give it away for free. That's right

I give my eBook away for free!


This Free eBook serves two purposes:

1. It can collect the email addresses from those who download it and

2. The eBook will send readers to a sales page where money can be made

Here is the good part: After they have subscribed,every email sent through the

system will contain your affilliate link so you can make money from it!

Here's what this looks like in a nutshell:

3 steps in a nutshell

This method of online earning has been very profitable for me and it can be for you too.

You can try to pull it off for yourself or you can clone my entire program and start making money right away! If you clone my system, here are seven things you won't have to worry about:

Creating a professional web page

Creating a valuable free offer

Gaining credibility

Hiring technical expertise

Creating a membership site

Writing Email scripts that convert to sales

Creating videos

Creating Banners

Paying for developement and hosting

check mark
Why would you do all that, when you can clone my entire business system, never pay monthy fees and start making money today?
Here's what you will get if you choose to promote:
Your own clone of this--> webpage

You will get a Free Giveaway with your own unique link

The Formula. How to Make Your First $100 Online Fast
You will get a selection of email scripts with your own unique link
Email Title:

Email Content

You will get a selection of banners with your own unique link
promotional banner
You will get selection of promotional videos with your own unique link

Your Link Goes Here



And Finally,

Let's Not Discount the Power of OnLAND Advertising. Still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website!

You will have access to Supermarket and 4-up flyers (that you can print) with your own unique link


Paste your links into Email, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Forums, dating sites and wherever else your connected.

When your contact clicks on your affiliate link they will be re-directed to this webpage, when they
choose a promotion package or purchase an eBook you will receive 60% of the sale price. The
sales possibilities are mindblowing!!!

Why are the sales possibilities mindblowing?

Because when a big company a sends a promotional email, you are not likely to open it. When
you recieve an email from someone you know, it gets opened almost 100% of the time!
There will be copycats so be one of the first to join the marketing revolution!!!

Here's How it Works
3 steps

This is a legitimate money-making internet business with an abundance of promotional

tools. You can use some or all of them or just focus on this one simple task:

Give Away the Free eBook

It's that simple. I work for you. I will do all the heavy lifting, create content, update the

page when necessary and provide you with the credibility you need to be a successful

online seller!


Here's a snapshot of affilliate earnings

Affiliate Earnings

This is the proof that our customers are actually making money online. There are no

gimmicks, this is not a scheme. It is a legitimate online business that works on auto-pilot.


That being said, this is not a way to get rich quick. You actually have to put in some time

(at least an hour a day) giving away your free eBook, leaving links on social media or

even handing out flyers, if you want to actually make money. The money tends to be in

the numbers. If you examine the affiliate earnings sheet, you will notice the people with

the highest number of visits have the most sales. However, for those of you with the gift

of gab, sometimes simply talking is all it takes to close the sale!

In Summary
You simply sign up below, give away the free eBook and recieve a lifetime of passive income. It's that simple.
Exactly what do I get?
You wil get to access my software that will generate your own clone of my website with your own unique link. Simply type in your user name and then click generate link.
You wil get a free eBook giveaway, a selection of email scripts, a selection of banners, promotional videos and flyers
You wil get a free hosting for a website that is constantly growing and improving to achieve maximum sales potential
Finally; You wil get your own turn-key online business that can generate a lifetime of passive income. You can run it how you want, when you want from wherever you want!
The Allneeds Formula Program Will Give You:
1. Your own cloned webpage

You will get a clone of this webpage that you are looking at right now. You don't need to do anything else but promote it with your free giveaway or promote it with your unique links.

We'll handle all updates and hosting fees.

2. A Valuable Gift to Give Away

Our free gift is awesome! Imagine how much time and effort it would cost to do the research and write it yourself and If your not a good writer, then how much would it cost to hire someone to write it?

Yup, your welcome.

3. A Lifetime of Passive Income

A link you leave on line can stay there for years. One or two people might comment, but thousands might view it. Just keep leaving your links everywhere and keep collecting that cash

We are constantly making improvements so that you can make more money.

Here are some FAQ's

Q. Exactly what am I selling?

You are selling 3 possible things. The first is the featured product at the top of the page. The second is a membership which will allow the buyer to clone my entire internet business including all promo materials and the third is the featured product and membership combo

Q. Do I have to make monthly payments?

No. You pay a one time fee for a lifetime business

Q. What do I need to do?

We have tried to make this business as automated as possible. Your only job is to send traffic to the website. You can do this by giving away the free giveaway, using other available promotional tools, using your own created promotional tools or simply by word of mouth.

Q. Can I keep subscribers emails?

Yes. If you chose to set up a subscriber system all subscribers belong to you. You can use your list to promote this or any other product.

Q. Can you recap how I can make money?

Of course. If someone buys the featured product or buys a membership or buys the featured product plus a membership you get 60% of the advertised price directly deposited to your paypal account. For example: 1 membership and featured product sale = $30.00 to your account.

Q. When do I get paid?

Payments are processed in real time, you get paid after the transaction is made. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not for you. It takes time and patience and diligence to start to see money rolling in.

Q. Do you offer customer support?

Of course we do. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on contact. We will answer your questions between 24-48 hours.

If you meet any of the following criteria, you will be a
great fit for this business:
You would like to run your own business from your home
or anywhere of your choosing
You are an experienced internet marketer and you would
like to build your email list and add another income stream
You would like to supplement your full time income with
a part time business

I'm sure by now you are thinking, this must cost a fortune. Well it should. Here is a
breakdown of what is would cost to do this yourself:

Web developer, copywriting and backend management - $5000

Researcher, tech-guys and email marketer - $3000 monthly!

Web hosting - $120 yearly

After all is said and done to do it yourself and have a business up and running like this one

expect to pay upwards of $25,000!

Well I am definately not going to charge you $25,000. The goal here is to get a lot of people on this project so a lot of people can make money.

I wouldn't even consider charging $5000 because that is just not affordable for everyday folks.
I thought about $500 cause it seemed a reasonable amount for your own turn-key online
business, but it still felt like too much.

So I brought the price down --> way down. I am only charging a one time payment of
for you to start promoting and making money today!


easy life

Let's take this journey into financial freedom together!
Option C Recommended
Option B
Option A

Why pay to promote?
We charge the one time promotion fee in an effort to increase your earning potential

Still not ready to invest in your future?
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